Nov 14, 2008

Ram Bahadur Bomjon: Buddha Boy back from the jungle

Buddha Boy

Buddha Boy became famous three years ago when people flocked to watch him sit cross-legged under a tree in a remote area of south-east Nepal. They claim Bomjon spent 10 months meditating without eating or drinking. When he emerged from this death defying retreat Bomjon didn't exactly look emaciated. You have to suspect someone was slipping him some fruit or possibly power bars and the occasional can of Spike Shooter.

Buddha Boy's long luxuriant hair is reminiscent of Jimmy Page back in Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love period. His mane looks silky smooth - like hair in an ad for a henna shampoo with highlights.

BB's face looks a bit puffy in some photos ... he looks bored out of his skull in other shots, staring vacantly into space as though trying to convey something profound, without being entirely sure what that might be. Most of all he looks like an opportunist, biding his time while his legend spreads courtesy of modern technology.



For every genuine teacher out there, there are a hundred charlatans. They acquire a few powers, a few tricks, then draw spiritual traffic, coin and in the case of Sai Baba ... young dudes not averse to the errr 'touch' of the holy man.

News that Buddha Boy is the reincarnation of Gautama himself has been attracting the credulous who come to gawk and give. 'Volunteers' have been collecting thousands of dollars from pilgrims. This has led to accusations that BB is part of a clever money-making scam.

Bomjon has been caught cheating. He was filmed eating when he was reputed to be fasting. When his followers claimed he was meditating in private, it turned out he was having a snooze. It must be tiring bearing the weight of Buddhahood on your shoulders.

Anyone tempted to head off to Nepal to pay homage to Buddha Boy or seek out any other 'enlightened master' should first link to the False Guru Test - here.