Apr 1, 2009

Racist Obama ice cream ad in Russia?

Obama ice cream ad Russia

A Russian ice cream company based in Yekaterinburg has come under criticism for an ad featuring Barack Obama. The ad promotes a chocolate-and-vanilla ice cream called "Duet" and announces "The Flavor of the Week! Black in White!".

A lot of people who have seen the ad think it is racist. Voskhod (Sunrise) - the company that designed the ad claims that the image wasn't meant to have any racist meaning.

The image of Obama was used in an ad campaign to advertise tanning salons in Moscow. It's probably no coincidence that it was in Russia that Italian President Berlusconi joked about Obama being "tanned."

Obama suntanning ad
Russian tanning clinic ad
featuring Obama

Obama's image was even used in Moscow to advertise a chain of dental clinics. A smiling Obama showing his pearly whites appears beneath a banner announcing "Full Stomatological Democracy!".

The humor also extends to a few Russian journalists who refer to Obama by the faux-patronymic, Barack Husseinovich.

A Voskhod spokesperson said the ice cream ad campaign is "just fun."