Feb 15, 2012

Las Malvinas: Prince William should focus on polo

Las Malvinas aka the Falklands is one of the last theaters available to the Brits for flag waving and displays of military-style jingoism. They've been upping the ante lately. Prince William weighed in in his role as coptor co-pilot inflaming an already volatile situation that has seen angry headlines, protests and union jack burning in Buenos Aries.

William Hague, the British foreign secretary, described William's unwelcome presence in the region as "entirely routine." Is he saying that on an anniversary year of the Falklands war William was dispatched without any prior discussion in Number 10? Making it sound like business-as-usual is a little disingenuous to say the least.

What's all the bluster about anyway? Well nothing that would warrant royalty and warships. The jack is planted in the Falklands. There is no threat of imminent invasion. There is though the small matter of oil in the seas around the islands and as mentioned the approaching anniversary of the unnecessary war launched by Thatcher. There is also Meryl Streep's version of Thatcher doing the rounds of the theaters. Add William-waving and a diplomatic war of words and it's all a combustible mix for S. Americans who think the British need to stick to their own hemisphere.

In a recent interview Sean Penn, who is no stranger to S. American politics, characterized British geo-political grandstanding as 'colonialist, ludicrous and archaic.' He also said that any attempt to control natural resources would be seen as an act of bullying and that the sharing of resources should be brokered through diplomatic talks. Sounds perfectly reasonable.

The days of imperial grandstanding by the mother island is over. Sooner or later a deal will be reached on the Malvinas. In addition to being unnecessary and unwanted, all of this pomp and bluster is a waste of time and newsprint.

Lower the William and take the military hardware home.