Feb 1, 2012

P183: Russian graffiti artist draws Banksy comparison

A Russian graffiti artist P183 aka "Bankski" to some, is behind Banksy-like murals that have been showing up in and around Moscow. The Banksy comparison though shouldn't be taken too far. P183 could as easily be linked with Blek le Rat as an influence - in the end it's about P183's work at a time of deep political unrest. The Banksy comparison has helped give him some profile.

There is little out there about the man himself. According to reports P183's a 28-year old dude named Pavel. Other sources claim he's an active member of the Russian LiveJournal community.

P183's street art - raw eye-catching stuff - has drawn the Banksy comparisons for obvious reasons. In the Moscow area his mural-style graffiti turns up on median dividers, walls, even on bridges. He has also undertaken some fairly ambitious mixed media installations.

P183 and Banksy have their own distinctive styles. Wit and message are brilliantly fused in Banksy's work. The humor doesn't detract from the delivery of the message. There is a visceral, dramatic power to some of P183's best work. It will be interesting to see where he takes it.