Dec 28, 2012

Idle No More: inspirational Thunder Bay rally and video

Idle No More is first and foremost a grassroots movement - a movement that has risen up in response to the unjust dealings of the Harper government with indigenous peoples.

The moderate style favored by Assembly of First Nations' national chief, Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, has in certain key respects been misguided. Atleo hasn't been assertive enough on treaty and resource rights. The Harper government is so ideologically driven there is a real danger that the moderate approach could open the door for creeping assimilation and further erosion of indigenous rights.

Now is the time to act and the voices that most strongly reflect this conviction - the will and power-to-act - come from those who can see clearly the challenges ahead.

Women leaders are helping to spark the flame as never before.

In this inspirational video from a Thunder Bay rally, lead speaker Erin Bottle stands against a grey sky and delivers a powerful wake-up call.

Thunder Bay rally - lead speaker Erin Bottle

Some movement leaders have called on Canadians to "stand with us." The voices of many respond in the affirmative, saluting the courage and the vision of First Nations in the fight to protect all that we honor and value about this great land. With our hands joined, it is a fight we can win.

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