Mar 6, 2013

Halifax rapper Kyle McKenna takes it to Harper with 'What Up Steve'

Halifax rapper Kyle McKenna, calls out Stephen Harper in the video "What Up Steve."

Among a number of moves by the Harper government that come in for just criticism in the video, it was the cuts to CBC in last year's federal budget that prompted McKenna to pen the protest song. Along with others, he was personally affected by the cut to funding since it resulted in the loss of a venue at CBC Halifax used by local musicians.

In the video he spells it out:

What up Steve?
Thanks for cuttin’ CBC
From all us people making music with our hearts on our sleeve
We squeeze rocks, and write it while we're makin’ em bleed
But then your droppin’ the axe
And your cuttin’ the feed man

Harper the control freak is about power and the maintenance of power. Some of the election tactics used by his campaigns, from negative ads to robocalls, have drawn heavy criticism. McKenna touches on the robocalls scandal in the video and is quoted in Huffpo saying he considers attempts to deliberately mislead voters to be a "breach of trust."I could think of a few stronger terms.

Shit Steve,
Are you forgettin’ where you come from
Or you don't give a fuck about the people ya run from
I see it in your eyes
So smug and blatant
And you auto dial homes so the polls are vacant
What up Steve?

In the Huffpo article, McKenna speaks positively of Idle No More: “I feel like the Idle No More movement is a step towards Canada's public finding their voice, and being heard with it... This movement, among others, is the reason I started to pay more attention to our political process.”