Jan 10, 2014

RT's Breaking the Set: George Galloway on 'Killing of Tony Blair', Yemen drone attack and the death of Abbas Khan

In this RT interview British Respect Party MP, George Galloway, talks about his upcoming documentary film The Killing of Tony Blair. He also gives his views on the harassment of The Guardian by British authorities and the strange death of Dr Abbas Khan in a Syrian prison. British citizen Khan died mere days before he was to be handed over to Galloway... released on the orders of Bashar al-Assad. In addition the Respect MP weighs in on the recent drone strike that targeted a wedding party in Yemen.

The much anticipated doc The  Killing of Tony Blair is part of a wider campaign to have the former British PM tried in an international court for war crimes. The title of the film has been a target of criticism in some quarters. In the RT video interview Galloway notes that there is a broad frame of reference at play with the title... what he has described as a "triple entendre."

On one level the title is a reference to the killing of the Labour Party by Blair even as he helped open the door for some of the most toxic aspects of free-market capitalism. Secondly, it is a reference to Blair's decision as PM to go to war in Iraq on the back of a military invasion based on lies and fabrications. This resulted in the deaths [killings] of thousands of Iraqi civilians - a civilian death toll that has been added to in other countries targeted for western military aggression. Thirdly, the title references the financial killing in the multi-million dollar bracket that Blair has pocketed as a result of various appointments since his retirement from politics. As Galloway puts it the RT interview: "By destroying the Labour Party he [Blair] made Britain safe for the corporations. He made their tax bills shrink, he made their regulatory burden disappear and now they are rewarding him for all of that..."

The fundraising for the film has involved a direct appeal to the public, sometimes referred to as crowd-funding on the site Kickstarter where Galloway makes a video appeal. He decided against the route of accepting backing from a few wealthy donors. The fundraising efforts make the project more democratic and inclusive of the broad-based effort to press for long overdue justice.